The Prayer Blanket Ministry brings comfort to anyone who may be experiencing difficult times such as an illness or the loss of a loved one. Each week during worship our congregation blesses blankets and indidviduals are invited to tie a knot signifying individual, heartfelt prayers for each person who receives a prayer blanket. We invite you to volunteer with us to pray, iron, sew, and distribute the blankets. 

Market Street UMC is proud to support Mabank Area Good Samaritans (MAGS).  MAGS is a mission of service ministries comprised of various churches in the Cedar Creek Lake area.

Mabank Area Good Samaritans seeks to respond to the immediate physical needs of people who reside in our area, and to be a channel for all groups of goodwill in serving our fellow men.

Persons with need are to be served regardless of race, sex, social, and/or economic status, national origin, or religious background. 

The first Sunday of each month is designated as "Staples Sunday."  On that day we as a church bring perishable staples such as bread, potatoes, and eggs. 

Be a part of this great ministry. MAGS is continually soliciting for new volunteers. "God doesn't ask what your ability is, but for your availability".

If you wish to make a donation to MAGS, checks can be made out to MAGS and given during the collection portion of our service.

Blessing Box Ministry

Market Street UMC has installed a community blessing box stocked with non-perishable items such as rice, beans, cleaning supplies, baby items and toiletries. It is free and there is no signing up or waiting. It is open to all who feel a need. Our congregation realizes the importance and the needs of those persons who need such items but may feel intimidated or embarrassed by their situation and reluctant to seek assistance.